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Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased Home Sales

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Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased Home Sales

Authors: Mitch Levinson, MIRM, CSP
NAHB Member Price: $17.95
Retail Price: $19.95

Product Description

Explains step-by-step how to get more quality website traffic, convert it to sales center visits, provide the right information to home buyers online. Improve your search rankings for keywords, fill the search engines with your content prompt website visitors to call and drive to sales centers. Follow up online leads. Spend ad dollars wisely. Boost open and click-through rates your e-mail marketing.

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On smart phones, tablets, and computers, consumers are using the Internet to winnow a dizzying array of choices. Make sure home buyers find you before your competitors by learning the essentials of Internet marketing from industry expert Mitch Levinson.

Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased Home Sales explains step-by-step how to increase quality website traffic and convert it to sales center visits by providing the right information to home buyers online.

You’ll learn how to
• Improve your search rankings for the keywords your program is targeting
• Fill the search engines with your primary content
• Prompt your website visitors to drive to your sales centers, call the sales office, and provide their e-mail addresses
• Apply formulas for search engine optimization (SEO)
• Identify and incorporate the right key words
• Follow up online leads
• Use social media to improve SEO
• Blog with impact
• Spend ad dollars wisely
• Boost open and click-through rates for your e-mail marketing newsletters and flyers
• Avoid spamming

Get the ROI you want for what you’re already spending on websites, blogs, social media, and advertising. Learn new strategies to compete online using the intelligence Mitch provides.

“Mitch Levinson is truly one of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to understanding the benefits of home builders' use of the internet to market, sell, and service homes and how to effectively use technology to support and facilitate those uses. His book, "Internet Marketing" provides a comprehensive overview of exactly what is needed for Home Builders to get the competitive edge they need in today's technologically oriented world. I have been waiting for a guide like this for a very long time. It is exactly what the industry needs.”
--Steve Lewkowitz
Director, Professional Services - CDC Software/Pivotal CRM

“Mitch Levinson is my go-to guy for Internet marketing. Working with Mitch has saved our company thousands of dollars in media costs and increased our traffic and sales.”
--Kathie McDaniel, MCSP, MIRM, CSP, CMP, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Highland Homes, Lakeland, Florida

"Mitch Levinson gets to the point of what separates the good from the great in Internet Marketing: insight. What's remarkable about his book is that it actually gives you the vision on how to take desire and turn it into tangible results."
~John A. Palumbo, MIRM CEO of The Sterling Group

“This book provides practical knowledge to builders so they can find their way in the often confusing world of Internet and social media marketing.”
--David Ellis, Executive Officer Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, Atlanta, Georgia

“Mitch Levinson’s perspective on web-based marketing is insightful and refreshing. Navigating the seemingly endless maze of online marketing tools, options and “hot trends” makes many of us feel as helpless as infants… infants raised in the wilderness… by other infants! In his book, Levinson makes the complex understandable, and provides useful cornerstones we can rely on – as well as some handy go-to tools you will use over and over again for your own online marketing success. I’m thankful he decided to write this book.”
--Matt Morrow, CEO Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, MO


Product details

SKU 00287
Name Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased Home Sales
By (author) Mitch Levinson, MIRM, CSP
Pub. Date 2012
Pages 184
ISBN 13 9780867186765
Dimensions 6.9 x 9.9 x 0.44
Format Soft-cover
PLU 00287
Retail Price $19.95
NAHB Member Price $17.95

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